WovV Tech: Enhancing Business Productivity with Domain Specific SaaS Solutions

CIO Vendor SaaS-based solutions are increasingly gaining prominence across the global digital landscape due to their ease of deployment, cost-effectiveness and on-demand scaling capabilities. According to a report by Statista, the global public cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) market is expected to become 157 billion USD by the end of 2020. However, despite the availability of a wide range of SaaSbased delivery models, enterprises still find it difficult to improve business productivity by deploying SaaS products due to lack of customized and configurable solutions that can address domain specific business needs. Moreover, efficient integration of the SaaS solutions to achieve interoperability is a key to ensure success of the overall software deployment and enhance productivity.

Digitizing Business Operations for Assured Growth
Clearly understanding the scenario, WovV Technologies, a Global SaaS company comes into play by delivering highly customizable and easily integrable solutions that suit the specific requirements of businesses. The company provides a plethora of SaaS-based solutions catering to end-to-end needs of business right from business intelligence, revenue management, data analytics, audits, surveys, billing and accounting. “We help businesses improve process efficiency and business productivity by digitizing their day-to-day business operations. Customers always form core of our solutions, hence, we first start with customers by engaging with them to understand their unique pain points,” says Arvind Kothari, Founder and CEO. Some of the products delivered by the company include WovVBI - Business Intelligence, WovVRA - Revenue Assurance, WovVIA - Intelligence Analytics, WovVXM - Experience Management, WovV Business - Integrated Billing, Banking and Accounting.

Actionable Data Insights for Better Decision Making
When it comes to improving business efficiency, business intelligence tools play an important role by enabling enterprises to easily identify industry trends and quickly adapt to changes. WovVBI, a business intelligence tool from WovV comes with interactive and thematic dashboards, and also allows users to design their own dashboards as per their business requirements. “WovVBI enables full visibility into operational processes by generating the KPIs that are essential to evaluate the performance of a business,” says Manish Pandya, Cofounder and Chief Product Officer. In addition to KPIs, audits and inspections are also considered as key to assess the business operations. WovVIA - Intelligence Analytics solution from the company enables business owners to easily conduct audits and inspections by creating the required forms from a single click of a button. “It allows you to plan, schedule and assign different audits to auditors. Through robust role and profile management, our solution ensures proper authentication and authorized usage of data,” explains Arvind about their solution that helps in conducting audits and surveys. The solution also offers instant reporting and analytics in a consolidated dashboard, providing business owners with complete visibility into the happenings of an organization. “In this customer-centric business environment, knowing customer well is vital for any business entity. Providing customers with enhanced digital experience helps to improve the brand image,” says Manish. Enabling businesses to better understand and serve their
customers and other stakeholders, the company provides an innovative solution named WovVXM, an experience management platform that offers insights into customer behaviour. The solutions help businesses design effective business strategies by focussing on the key areas identified through detailed analysis of behavioural patterns and Net Promoter Score.

Streamlining Revenue Management
WovVRA, a revenue assurance particularly targeted at retail malls, airports and large enterprises provides automated daily sales reports along with insights into current trends. As malls and airports worldwide are making a shift towards revenue sharing agreement with tenants, this solution from WovV proves to be a significant tool to improve their revenue collection. Though SMEs contribute to large share of the economy, majority of their problems remain unaddressed, and one among them is the unorganised and fragmented financial activities. Helping SMEs across the world digitize their financial activities, the company designed an advanced and configurable solution - WovVBusiness. The solution addresses the entire banking, billing and accounting needs of SMEs, enabling ease of financial transactions. “We are also planning to launch business cards whereby consumers will be able to make the payments by just swiping their card at the respective shops,” informs Arvind.

We help businesses improve process efficiency and business productivity by digitizing their day-today business operations

Empowering Large Enterprises
As a company specialized in Retail Mall vertical, WovV has partnered with one of the largest mall operators in India, helping them digitize their operations and enhance business productivity. WovV’s comprehensive suite of products and professional approach to solve our pain areas has been very helpful to the said operator. WovVRA and WovVBI have already automated billing and analytics. WovVIA provides deep insights into our marketing spend, and helps them take better decision on spending.

For a Global Energy Major, WovVIA and WovVXM have digitised audit and experience process across 49 countries and 2900 locations. Besides providing real time deep insights and trends, it helps businesses in taking proactive actions and track their closures.

Acceleration and Employee Engagements
There has been tremendous response for the WovVTech suite of products and market size is very large. “We are looking to significantly ramp-up team in all areas and Sales and Marketing team in particular. At the same time, keeping WovVScions motivated helps us in getting out increased productivity. We offer the best working environment and employee friendly policies to attract right talent,” informs Keyur Borkar, HR Head, WovVTech. Keyur and his team are currently busy with moving WovTech team to bigger and spanky office. He thinks that WovVTech will soon run out of new office space as well.

WovVTech is one of the true Global SaaS company emerging out of India. It has carved a niche for itself in the industry as a reliable technology partner. Moving ahead, the company aims to enhance its sales and marketing so as to rapidly expand businesses across the world.